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Online UPS System

We offer online UPS to our customers, which works either on rectified mains voltage if the main power is available or on battery in the case of mains failure. The UPS we offer is a true non break power supply. The product prevents the equipment connected to it from fluctuation, brownouts, spikes, frequency drifts, noise and many more things. The products are tested on various aspects before they are finally send at the client end. 
UPS System is fully Compatible to any type of Genset.

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Intelligent UPS, USING IGBT Technology





Microcomputer Chip based


Switching Frequency

Low Switching Losses, Purity of Sine-Wave, Ultra-





fast Transient Response, Very Low Noise


Wide Input Range

350 V-475V AC (Three Phase) or


160 V-270V (Single Phase)

Accurate Output

415V AC ± 1.0% (Three Phase) or



230V AC ± 1.0% (Single Phase)



50Hz + 0.1% (Crystal Controlled)



1.0-60.0 KVA


Transient Response

For 100% step load change output stays within ±5% and recovers within 1/2cycle


Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

Inverter Efficiency

Better than 90%



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