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Solar Battery Lantern

ALTEK Solar Lantern comprises of solar module, battery, Electronics (PCB), CFL lamp, covered with high transparent chimney and fitted in ABS housing. The Solar Lantern is a portable light unit suitable for either indoor or outdoor covering 360° of omni light for daily use. ALTEK Solar Lantern is a highly efficient portable light source, which gives an Omni directional bright light. The Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) module provided with each lantern, it charges the Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery which is fitted inside the lantern when the SPV module exposed to sunlight. The battery will supply power to the Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) whenever required.

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Model SPV Module Battery Lamp + PCB (electronics) Charging Cable SR Electronics Deep II A 12V 10WP 12V 7AH SMF 7W 4Pin CFL With Electronics 5meters 2core cable SR Electronics Mini Deep 6V 3Wp/5Wp 6V 4Ah 3Watt/5Watt 4Pin CFL With Electronics 5meters 2core cable


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