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LED Based Street Light

LED light-out efficiency has largely risen from 35 lm/W (2006) to 100 lm/W (Q1'2009). From the viewpoint of LED efficiency increasing, LED products that replace traditional lighting have been deeply anticipated, especially in high power consumption products. Due to the lighting market business being very large, there are many new companies joining in recent years. However, LED product quality has become a very big issue, especially in new companies' products since these new companies are not experts in the lighting field.


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Technical Specifications

Input Voltage

AC 170-250

Frequency Range


PF Power Factor


Total Harmonic Distortion


Power Factor


LED LED Consumption


System Consumption


LED LED Luminous Efficiency


LEDLED Initial Flux


(%) Lamp's Effciency


Color Temperature

warm white:2600-4000K;pure white:4000-6300cool white:6300K

(CRI) Color Rendering Index (CRI) Color Rendering Index


/ Light Distribution Curve/Beam Pattern

 Asym-metric(Batwing)/Rectangular Beam

Tj) Junction Temperature

<0° to 50° C 

Working Life

>50000 Hr

Light Body & Lampshade Material

Aluminum Alloy

Net Weight


Trim size


Available capacities

 From 1 watt to 150 watt


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