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High Frequency Sine Wave Combo

Pure Sine Wave Output:

ALTEK HI-lite is a noiseless high frequency combo system. It is extremely light weight with high computer compatibility. It is the safest and true combination of an ups and an inverter in one unit as it provides pure sine wave from no load to full load. Like our other combo products it is also powered by micro controller digital technology.


Intelligent charger:

HI-lite incorporates smart multilevel charging providing good battery health which yields in longer battery life with low battery maintenance. HI-lite achieves full charging current from 100V ac input. It provides a constant boost charging current until the voltage of battery reaches 14.2V and then float current (very close to zero) maintains it above 13V. Thus float current (flowing for the longest period in all this process) is reduced to nearly zero, ultimately resulting in much enhanced battery life, keeping battery fully charged simultaneously. Now this is the hi-lite intelligence that makes an ordinary battery live long like a maintenance free costly battery.


Auto Overload Re-setting:

Empowered by a smart brain HI-lite shuts down automatically if exposed to a load more then its specified limit. In wide range it keeps on beeping and sensing the load to switch itself on to find the load within its specified limit eliminating the manual resetting by the user. If the load is not reduced it will shut down itself after 8 such attempts and user will need to restart it manually. However in narrow range it will permanently shut itself off if exposed to excessive load and the user has to reset the HI-lite manually after decreasing the load within its specified limit.


Any Battery Option:

HI-lite has an Intelligent feature to recognize any battery connected to it. May it be local battery, Branded/Automotive battery, Sealed Maintenance Free battery or Tubular battery, it auto adjusts its charging characteristics according to any battery you connect. So type no bar, go for any battery you like to buy.


No Load Shutdown

HI-lite has this smart feature of no load shutdown, that saves the precious battery back-up for you. If there is no load on HI-lite and AC mains is absent, it will shut itself off. It will automatically restart itself on, when you apply some load over it. This is a user configurable feature.

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